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In a world where body shaming, misconduct of human touch, self - rejection, financial restrictions and lack of information are so prevalent, we are driven to educate and facilitate access to quality holistic care experiences that are geared mainly towards ( but not limited to) lower incomes and people of color. Holistic Choices Center believes in making holistic care affordable! Our Mission is to create a safe space that prioritizes our clients mental and physical holistic well being.


Bring hope for those suffering with mental health issues such as (but not limited to) Insomnia, Anxiety , Stress, PTSD, depressions as well as Muscle Tension, is just the start. Holistic Choices Center will eventually be providing a 5 program income based center that has holistic cares beyond the healing art of massage. Healing, music, dance, sports, theater arts and more. HCC is geared to help build community and bring unity back within neighborhoods as well as our homes. These services are something an entire family can experience and become fully emerged in self care and self love. Holistic Choices Center will be income-based driven safe space for all people to live their love of the arts out loud. Here we can experience holistic medicine on a whole new level without worries of family well being or funds while being completely comfortable! 



Holistic: Sincere by the treatment of the whole person, mental, emotional and social factors, rather than just the physical habits of a life. 

Caring through the Cure: Educating and facilitating the plan of what is necessary to the ultimate means of healing or restoring to health. 

Collective Consciousness: The set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within.

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