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Introducing our 7 day Chakra Reiki Reboot System, a comprehensive program designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners of chakra healing. This system is carefully crafted to reboot, activate, and balance your 7 primary chakras through a combination of visualization, infographics, meditation, and informative content. What sets this program apart is the inclusion of distance Reiki, allowing you to receive the powerful healing energy regardless of your location. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of chakras or simply seeking to realign your energy, our Chakra Reiki Reboot System provides the tools and guidance you need for holistic wellness.

Chakra Reiki Reboot System

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 7 day Series

  • 30-60 min 

    This allows room to chat ( video, call or text ) with our Reiki Master and Chakra expertise Lynda Payne with question, concerns or t debrief. 

    This can be schedule a week prior, during the 7 days or after the 7 days are complete. 

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