Welcome to Holistic Choices Center


Holistic Choices Center's (HCC) is a holistic choices company aiming to become a 5 program income-based membership center. This vision extends way beyond "just massage".  The center practices will be guided by curriculum supplying mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and growth! HCC intention is to give a full experience of self-care and self-awareness, while building the trust, knowledge, and consistency in different communities mainly towards (but not limited to) lower incomes and people of color not familiar with holistic cares. Holistic Choices Center is striving to reach out and best inform the less fortunate demographics, that holistic living is not a luxury, but a major part of our MENTAL AND PHYSICAL health.


Holistic Choices Center's goal is to help build a safe space for a self-care culture that can create a domino effect and better serve our institutes and it's surrounding communities, especially those less likely to experience such a quality of life!" 



  • Preventative care

  • Recovery 

  • Maintenance

  • Measurable results

  • Your choice of music during your session

  •  The enlightenment of holistic health and wellness


My specialization is in Reiki, Distance Reiki, Clinical Massage Therapy Trigger Point treatments, but I also offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aroma Therapy.




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