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Welcome to Holistic Choices Center


Holistic Choices Center's (HCC) is a vision that is in its seed stage.  This vision extends way beyond "just massage" HCC strives to give a full experience of self-care and self-awareness, and build up the trust, knowledge, and consistency of different communities not familiar with theses streams and forms of holistic medicine.  


I am the Founder, Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner of Holistic Choices Center. I am striving to reach out and best inform the less fortunate demographics, expressing with actions through results that MASSAGE IS NOT A LUXURY, but a MAJOR PART OF OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH. 


My aspiration for Holistic Choices Center is for it to grow into something beyond  Massage, beyond aromatherapy, and different modalities. I see this practice being a center filled with art systems supplying mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and growth on different levels! The HCC  mission is to help build a safe space for a self-care culture that can create a domino effect and better serve our institutes of higher learning and it's surrounding communities, especially those less likely to experience such a quality of life!"



  • Easing false Sciatica 

  • Scared tissue recovery 

  • Your choice of music during your session

  •  The enlightenment of holistic health and wellness


My specialization is in Clinical Massage Therapy Trigger Point treatments, but I also offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aroma Therapy.