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Studies have shown that happy, healthy employees contribute to a company’s or team's success. "Massage helps to fight colds and flues by boosting the immune system. A 45-minute massage session every once a week can help tame depression and kick out colds". ~SARAH MUWOMBI 

A campus wellness plan can decrease stress and increasing energy has positive effects that reverberate throughout the entire organization.  

Allow us to introduce TheCampus Culture Wellness Plan that will be beneficial for us all.  The primary aim is to build a culture within communities that will have a trickling effect on our homes and everyday lifestyles. Holistic Choices Center's focus groups are Community Centers, Colleges, Universities  and Corporate Offices.  This Wellness Plan allows institutions to provide a holistic wellness culture to their campus/company through an on-site licensed clinical massage therapist. This Campus Culture Wellness Plan ( CCWP) will provide your team of athletes, other students, facilities, members and/or staff with clinical massages once a month or as needed. The CCWP gives access to a license clinical massage therapist for your campus up to twice week or as commonly known once a month that will provide wellness chair massage treatments. 


The campus leaders will also have the choice to use HCC services to cater to the students during mid-terms and/or finals week. This Plan can also cater to members towards a developmental time of creating a more pain-free Holistic Life Style! 


This way the Holistic Health Culture will spread throughout the entire Campus.

Holistic Choices Center’s goal for the Campus Culture Wellness Plan is to be the future of holistic mental and physical health.  Here we am providing the opportunity to develop a natural response to self-care, self-love, and self-awareness through therapeutic massage and/or Reiki treatments on a regular basis.  Let’s give our athletes, faculty, members, and students the opportunity to be a part of a Holistic Health Culture Community with a start to a lifestyle filled with love, care, and self-awareness. A safe space has been created with an understanding of the importance of providing care for all people and all body types. HCC embraces those mentally, verbally and/or physically affected by body shaming, misconduct in human touch or/and lack of Holistic care due to financial restrictions!

We require at least  one  Chair massage a Month
  • Massage not only help your Heart and Arteries stay HEALTHY and YOUNGER; But helps with

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

Massage lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for depression, anxiety, increased blood pressure, impaired memory, and other mental health disorders.

All athletes require at least one chair massage a week




  • Quicker recovery time from injury (scared tissue recovery)

  • Increase range of motion

  • Higher quality performance in class and on the courts

  • Preventive Injuries

  • Improves muscle tone

Massage is used for muscle manipulation that helps reduce things like stress, muscle tension and can help strengthen your immune system also help you feel and perform better in general;​​

Also helps patients during recovery and with conditions such as Cancer, MS, and Chronic Fatigue!



  • More productive team with less illness and stress (as massage has been studied and proves to provide a healthier immune system overall)

  • The feeling of being appreciated leads to a higher level of self-love, leadership, a sense of purpose and higher self-esteem; Improved morale.

  • Lowered health-care costs. Regular workplace massage can reduce the need for doctor’s visits for many physical complaints and stress-related issues. Over 50% of lost work days are stress related, reducing work stress using seated massage has shown a reduction in absenteeism. 




If you are interested in helping create a holistic wellness culture for your campus please send over the following information for details and a quote: Department size, a  sports team of focus, how often would you need the services and a ballpoint of when the start of the services are needed.

Please inquire here . 

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