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The beating heart of Holistic Choices Center is its commitment to remain Holistic and Honest in each approach; always Caring through the Cure in every session; processing and keeping a Collective Consciousness with each person encountered… That’s HCC!  


With a clear path forward, my approach has shifted! I have grown to better understand my “roles” as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and CEO of Holistic Choices Center. I have learned how to better move, flow and grow through each position. I am studying under very successful guides and mentors, and I am ready!


I will always be a personal Massage Therapist, however, my focus has followed my heart, which is leading me to a greater commitment to communities, educational institutions and seeking residency in a Community Center as their on-site Massage Therapist. The goal is and forever will be to provide holistic wellness to lower-income families for lower to no cost.


This is where you come in.


I am currently launching a campaign called GoGo (Get One Gift One), a Gifting Consciously Campaign  for shelters (starting with DV Shelters) to receive gifted sessions of massage, generously donated by others who have the heart and finance to help.  I call this Breaking the Taboos!


 Get one Gift one  Consciously Gifting Campaign is a buy one GoGo package which provides a session for either Massage to Reiki and gifts the 2nd hour. The second hour will be gifted to a less fortunate person. This is my deepest desire for Holistic Choices Center, providing a safe space of care for even those with financial barriers. I am connecting with woman's shelters, schools, nursing homes etc. to give the extra massage to. At their consent, we will shoot a photo or post a flyer that can be viewed at 


I would be honored to include you in regular email campaigns with updates on GoGo and Holistic Choices Center. To follow me on this journey, head over to my CONTACT page and hit SUBSCRIBE .  You won't be spammed with emails from me. I've got my hands full with massage - literally! What you can expect is monthly affirmations, tips for health and positive vibes.


I thank you and appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to read an update on my journey. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon as the journey continues!


Know someone who could benefit from the information you read here? Know someone who would like to help make GoGo a major presence in Chicago? Share this email with a friend or loved one.

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